Posted by: billysuperstar | July 13, 2011

Season 3 Bonus Material

Just to give you one last kick in the nuts before we’re done with Season 3, the entirety of Season 3’s DVD Bonus Features is this one crappy featurette, “Joey’s Impersonations.”  I guess they were thinking if that they were only gonna create one 3 minute piece of bonus content, they might as well make it as excruciating as possible.  They could have called this reel, “the worst of Seaon 3” and I doubt I would have found it at all remarkable that they were all Joey clips.

I don’t have much to say about it because a) it’s pretty self-explanatory and b) I immediately blocked it out of my memory.  It’s just a bunch of annoying Joey clips that occasionally have little cheap looking animated graphics overlayed.  They did the same thing with the montages they created for Season 2 and I guess some executive liked it enough to bring it back for Season 3, probably because it costs like 5 dollars.

This being the only bonus feature is a bigger insult than no bonus features at all.



  1. “Special Feature” is just plain false advertising. Three minutes of crappy Joey impersonations is neither “special” nor a “feature”.

  2. Did Dave Coulier actually think all this stuff was funny?? Were all these stupid impersonations and the “cut it out” bit written for him or did he come up with it? Does he do stand-up in “real life”? and if so, does he do this stuff? It’s so awful. Painfully awful.

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